Criminal Investigations


HMC Investigations provides a thorough investigation to uncover information and provide answers that a grieving family often feels that they are not getting from law enforcement. Our team works side by side with law enforcement, when possible, to build the criminal case; and, when the case has gone cold, will work to either get the case re-opened or help the client identify and build a case against the perpetrator. While HMC Investigations cannot promise a victorious outcome… we can promise to put our hearts and souls into your case so that you walk away knowing that someone cares.


HMC Investigations has been successful in the identification and prosecution of individuals who have committed the act of burglary against clients. With this type of case, it is pertinent that our investigators be hired immediately following the burglary so that evidence is preserved. Our investigators will work side by side with law enforcement to help you identify the perpetrators and retrieve stolen items.

Missing Persons

The HMC Investigative team works hard to retrace steps and uncover information when your loved one has gone missing.  We will travel anywhere in the U.S. and speak to whomever we need to in order to give the client as many answers as possible.


Tennessee Private Investigator & Fugitive Recovery