Investigative Services

Homicide / Wrongful Death
HMC is experienced and equipped with the resources to get out there and gather the information to give you the best possible chance at winning the case. We understand that, in the world of jurisprudence, you only get one shot at justice… so it has to be done right the first time. We vow to get out there and find the witnesses and evidence. We will turn over every rock until we are confident that we’ve exhausted every lead.

Criminal Defense
HMC is currently part of a defense team that specializes in wrongful convictions and in pre-trial investigations. Our team is armed with a long list of experts, with many years of experience in law enforcement, who can help you prove your innocence. From finding witnesses to crime scene reconstruction… nobody will fight harder for you than we will.

HMC’s investigative team possesses the experience, tools and resources to make sure you have the documentation you need to make the case. Our superb report writing and audio/video will help you get the answers you need. Whether it’s insurance fraud, infidelity or a custody battle that you’re facing… we will get the job done and get it done right.

Legal Process
HMC will locate and serve your Defendant faster than you can say… ‘you’ve been served.’ If we don’t make the deadline… you don’t pay.