Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged…

I had a dream. I was standing in a line that was so long I could not see the end of it. I must have been there a long time because there was only one person left in front of me. It was difficult to make out where I was, but I was not in the least bit confused. Somehow, I knew. It was a courthouse and I was there to face the judge of judges. As each person faced judgement, their entire life played out on a projection screen for all to see. However, it did not start with the day that you were born. It started with the last breath.
As I waited to be judged, I watched the man in front of me face his own judgment. I felt my heart race with anger as I watched the horrible things that he had done play out in front of me like a movie that I would not dare watch. He had preyed on the innocent for most of his adult life. I thought, I hope this man burns in hell. Then, I watched as he transgressed to a young boy and my anger turned to tears and my heart broke for him. This monster had once been an innocent child, also, who had been raped, beaten, and verbally assaulted throughout his entire childhood. I watched his demeanor change as the memories were brought back to the surface. I watched as he dropped to his knees and cried like a baby and, in that moment, I cried out, “please God, have mercy on us all for we have already been through hell.”
In every person’s life, there are those defining moments. In those moments, we learn about love; we set limits as to how much we will trust others; we learn to either fight or run from conflict; and these lessons essentially makeup the fabric of who we are and what kind of person we will become. Then, there are those moments when we have long surpassed the days of our youth. Our decisions are long reaching. Just as unresolved issues have rolled onto our lives from previous generations, it is now up to us to either continue or disrupt that cycle. From childhood to adulthood, these definitive moments are where the mysteries of the past and answers for future generations lie. However, if we are to overcome the generational curses that plague society, we must be transparent with one another. It is pride that stands in the way of change, and self-righteousness that stands in the way of grace.