The victim of this crime is twenty-two year old Raquel “Kelly” Edwina Jackson. Eight months pregnant with her second child, Ms. Jackson was found stabbed to death in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment on April 4, 2003 at approximately 22:20 hours. The report notes multiple stab wounds and the victim was pronounced dead upon EMS arrival. Here are the facts as we know them:

  • On February 6, 2003, Kelly signed paperwork at the Neighborhood Place (a women’s shelter) seeking refuge from a violent situation with the father of her child (whom we will call William for legal purposes).
  • On February 10, 2003, an Emergency Order of Protection was entered against “William.”
  • On April 4, 2003 (the day of the murder) Kelly had a sonogram at 9a and was scheduled to wait tables at Big Hops Diner later that afternoon. When she arrived at work, she was told that she was not needed and that she could go home.
  • Kelly spoke with a friend after her appointment and expressed excitement that “William” had gone with her to the appointment and had experienced the sonogram with her.
  • “William” denied seeing or speaking to Kelly on the day of her murder.
  • DNA evidence in the form of skin and hair were found under Kelly’s fingernails, but have remained inconclusive and (to my knowledge) have not been run through CODIS since 2003.
  • Kelly’s case remains open yet “William” has not been interrogated and witnesses have not been interviewed beyond initial reports being made.
  • “William” has been a suspect in multiple murders. One of which, he was charged. However, the state lessened the charge to reckless homicide and released him at the trial with only eighteen months served (time served) due to lack of evidence and discredited witnesses. The victim had been shot in the head and dumped in a park. At least three people witnessed the crime take place, but were not deemed credible due to drug addiction and prior convictions.
  • “William” was also a suspect in the murder of a man and woman in February of 2000. The female victim, whom he was seeing intimately at the time of her death, and the man had been gunned down on the front porch of a house in western Louisville at approximately 6:00 AM (after leaving a nightclub).
  • Kelly was expected to testify against “William” in an unrelated pending court case (in which he had been charged with 2nd degree burglary) on July 15, 2003.
  • Among other documentation received by my office from the family of the victim, is a stack of letters that Kelly received from “William” while he was in jail for reckless homicide. The letters express frustration and an inability to sleep due to rumors that Kelly is getting her “back knocked out” by other men. In one such letter he states that he does not want to have to get over Kelly the way that he got over (his last girlfriend that was found shot to death with the man she left the bar with).

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