JUSTICE FOR KAREN and a Threatening Call to HMC Investigations

On March 15, 2019, I received this call from one of the key components to our investigation into the Karen Swift case (Mr. Darrell Sells) who threatens to “fix” my ass..  I feel compelled, for many reasons, to share this information with the public and to make sure that people are aware of what is happening with this case.  We have received several messages from Dyer County residents informing us that investigators from the Sheriff’s Department are telling people that we are working for David Swift and/or his attorney.  This is not true.  Furthermore, we are not accusing Mr. Sells or his family of murder.  We are, however, making certain facts known in hopes that these things are seriously considered and that the right person is convicted in the murder of Karen Swift.  Do we know for sure who that person is?  No.  We would need to possess the ability to issue warrants for phone records, pings and other valuable information in order to confirm or deny our suspicions with absolute certainty.  However, if the jurisdictional agency has not already done that than that information is most likely never going to be known because of the amount of time that has passed.  What we do know to be 100% true is that Karen did have at least one “other” phone that was being provided to her by Bill Bona (pictured below with Karen).  That phone was on his business line.  HMC Investigations questions whether investigators ever obtained phone records from the Bonas in attempt to determine whether there were any calls/texts on that phone the night of her murder and, if so, to whom.  Did investigators recover all the victim’s phones and were digital forensics ran on them?

Mr. Sells, as you can all tell, is very concerned about our “new evidence” and wants to know who our witnesses are (which I refuse to disclose).  He is very upset with the “jealous” people of Dyer County who he claims are lying about him and his family.  I contend that there are four individuals who claim to have seen him (with their own eyes), as well as have other information pertaining to his daughter and her husband for it all to simply be ignored and that I (we) simply want to be investigated thoroughly.

Maybe the Sells, Quertermuses and Bonas have been wrongly accused and, if that is the case, than it is unfortunate for all involved but Karen’s life was brutally taken.  Her family (namely her children) have suffered tremendously and we here at HMC Investigations are determined to get to the bottom of it and ensure that all leads have been looked into and there is undoubtedly enough circumstantial evidence to consider them all persons of interest in this case if not simply for what they may know directly or indirectly.  The fact is that they were all way to close to the victim to not know what she was up to and who she was seeing and sleeping with.

What do we want?  We want JUSTICE FOR KAREN and in order for that to happen… we demand a thorough investigation by an agency other than the local sheriff’s department.  Why?  Well, that’s simple… because they (Sheriff Box and his deputies) are close friends with some of the people we are asking to be investigated.  That’s not an accusation but, rather, a plea on behalf of those who truly care about getting justice for this beautiful, young, vibrant mother of four.

The following pictures were found in Karen’s personal belongings and were taken in December 2010.  We feel that the first picture depicts the questionable close relationship between Bill and Karen.  The two pictures of Bentley and Dena prove that they were well acquainted with the victim.  None of these assertions make them guilty of murder or conspiracy to murder (or tampering with evidence) but it does make them worthy of being considered persons of interest considering that these are the people who were at the Halloween party with the victim on the night she was murdered and that it is rumored that the victim and Ms. Sells-Quertermus may have had an altercation that very same night over the victim’s relationship with her husband (Bentley).