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I cannot more highly recommend Heather Cohen Investigations.  We had retained her services to effect service on a Tennessee resident for a suit pending in Alabama.  We knew from prior dealings he would be difficult to serve but Heather handled it masterfully.  It only took her two visits to the property location to personally deliver the summons & complaint to the defendant and it was done in less than 48 hours after we’d delivered the paperwork to her.  If you want it done, done promptly and properly, call     Heather Cohen! ~ Jack Baines, Attorney

I contacted HMC with the hopes of recovering stolen possessions from a moving company. Heather took my call and heard the urgency and started working on my case immediately. Heather demonstrated that her work for me was more than just a paycheck…she literally cared. She demonstrated professionalism, knowledge and expertise and all her efforts led to an outcome that helped not just me but other victims of this moving company as well. She kept me in the loop constantly…nothing beats communication in my world and her documentation is superb. As is turns out her expertise and tenacity uncovered more than just my experience with this moving company, this company was stealing from dozens of customers and the police were not doing anything about it. Heather spent hours working on my case and in the end it was because of her efforts that the police were able to arrest the man who stole from me (and so many others). The police couldn’t be bothered to do their job, but HCM got the job done! I walk away with a sense of vindication even though what was stolen will probably never be recovered. HCM went above and beyond to get this company shut down. I would highly recommend HCM Investigations and if ever needed reach out to her in a heart beat. Thanks Heather…from the bottom of my heart! ~ Caroline K.

Very much appreciated the professional service, excellent advice and results obtained from HMC Investigations – exactly what I needed to complete my work. I would definitely reach out to HMC Investigations again for legal services. ~ Marilyn H.

I thought HMC Investigations was very reasonably priced. Her reviews were very detailed and thorough, my lawyer was quite impressed by them. She was willing to take the time and communicate what was going on with you through the whole process. I would highly recommend again. ~ Anna B.

I had no prior experience dealing with a PI, and HMC Investigations did not disappoint. They are very accessible and always kept a direct line of communication with me. If I ever find myself needing PI services again in Nashville, I’ll know where to go. ~ Rachel B.

I wish to express my gratitude to HMC Investigations. I am a licensed investigator in Ohio and I found myself in need of an investigator in Tennessee. I contacted Heather after a Google search for investigators. I really lucked out when I found her listing. Heather was able to assist right away as I was dealing with a very tight timeline. Less than 24 hours later I had a report, video and also photos in my hands. I would refer HMC to anyone in need of investigative work in the Tennessee, Kentucky area. I am sure I will reach out to HMC in the future for services. First class operation. ~ Robert S.


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