What is Success

What is success? That is a question that I have pondered for most of my adult life. To some, it just means being able to pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads. To others, it means having nice things (the best of the best) or to be recognized in their field. For me, the concept of success changed dramatically over the years. I imagine it’s because, generally speaking, what I wanted changed. Or, maybe it was because I stopped trying to win everyone’s approval. The fact of the matter is that, somewhere between my father disowning me and being publicly stalked, defamed and harassed in both the Bobo case and Swift case, I realized that people are just people. They are entitled to their opinions (no matter how wrong they may be) and that no good deed goes unpunished. True happiness isn’t about worldly success. It’s about knowing who you are and that the Lord above knows who you are. It’s about coming to terms with your mistakes, owning them, forgiving yourself for them, knowing that they do not define you and then breaking the chains that bind you (your identity) to the past. Grace may come the moment you repent… but redemption takes time, and every step you take to better yourself the more you start to see the beauty within you (a beauty that you once thought didn’t exist). Now, for me, success just means being able to lay my head down on the pillow each night knowing that I am apart of something bigger than this world. When obstacles stand in the way, He plows through them. He shows me miracle after miracle and I know that no man can stand in the way of what is to come (as long as it’s His will) because I’m on the winning team… and that is success.